Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Another Revenue Stream For Flurry As It Works With Activision To Publish Mobile Games

flurry-logoSo very much data. And what to do with all of it? San Francisco's Flurry has its mobile analytics in 190,000 apps on Android and iOS. And as the mobile app ecosystem has matured with Apple now paying a cumulative $5 billion to developers, Flurry has used its data to power everything from mobile video ads to pay-per-install. Now the company is dipping its toes into game publishing. The company is partnering with an arm of Activision, which is behind the Call of Duty franchise, to publish mobile games. Activision, which is better known for its visceral console and PC games, has yet to make a big move into mobile gaming. But this looks like it could be part of it.

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