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Pivothead live streaming and WiFi Drive hands-on (video)

pivothead live streaming prototype hands-on

If you thought live streaming was the obvious next step for the Pivothead video glasses, you're not alone. We, for one, thought it immediately upon donning the HD-recording eyewear and the company's Zach Barbitta couldn't agree more. The proud rep was on hand at tonight's Pepcom event demoing a brand new prototype accessory that will hopefully hit the market in three to five months and enable you to stream video straight from your 8MP sunglasses to the web, anywhere there's a WiFi signal. The device is so early in the development stage that we don't have many details about it. The final package should be roughly the size of a small portable hard drive -- tiny enough to slip into a pocket, provided you're not a skinny jeans fan. You'll have to connect it to the glasses via USB, which could potentially prove unwieldy, but we're sure some creative paths for passing the wire around your torso could easily solve that.

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