Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

This Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker Is Your Sweet-Revenge Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]

You remember it too well: 38 years ago you were walking merrily down the street, snow cone in hand, waiting for it to melt—just a little—just enough, so it's soft and juicy. And then what happened? Big, mean Karl Hanover came along and knocked it out of your hands, spilling it onto your penny loafers. "That bastard," you thought. He then hung you from a phone pole by your OshKosh B'Gosh straps. You swore your revenge. Someday you will have all of the snow cones! YOU will be the shaved-ice impresario of your neighborhood. Passing out snow cones to the kiddies who were good, and whipping cold snowballs of fury at the nogoodniks. But years pass, you grew up, and Karl Hanover got a sex change and dances on tables in Toronto. Still, some dreams die hard, and with the Nostalgia Electrics SCM-502 Vintage Collection Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker, they don't have to. You can still be the master of icy desserts in the hot summer months. Whether you will be a benevolent or maleficent snow cone dictator is up to you. -BR More »

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